"Don't talk about 'creativity,' just show us how to do it—that's creative power."

This is what my 10-year old son said in 2016 when I told him I wanted to help kids in his class come up with ideas for solving the big, gnarly challenges they were studying at school. Why shouldn't those kids use the same kinds of powerful creative skills I use everyday as a product maker – the ability to see connections between disparate concepts, the openness to new (often weird!) ideas, and the critical but forgiving mindset around risk and failure?

All human beings intrinsically have these abilities, but as we grow up we are steadily re-programmed by school and the workplace to treat originality with skepticism and creativity with reservation. We need to reverse this process. I came up with a simple framework (co-created with my amazing twins) for a Creative Power workshop and imagined how amazing it would be if all our fellow parents, friends, teachers, and energized change-makers could help run workshops in classrooms all around the the world. And thus, Creative Power Day was born.

Our goal with Creative Power Day is to create a movement around the concept of Creative Power, with a concentrated effort to reach young students around the world on a single day each year to jumpstart their confidence and skills around creative problem-solving. By developing their Creative Power muscles early on, we're fostering a mindset and awareness that will give them a chance to actively and positively shape their worlds. 

Please help us move this vision forward by volunteering to conduct a workshop, or getting a classroom in your local school to participate. Together we can cultivate a new generation of bold leaders who are equipped with Creative Power!

Valerie Casey
Founder, Creative Power Day

Download the one-page 2017 PDF overview here.