information for facilitators

Creativity is not reserved for art class, and it is not limited to the “talented.” Creativity is a muscle that everyone has and it is the essential characteristic needed for making stronger decisions every day and a better world in the future.


Creative Power Day was created to reach students at a critical time in their development and help them build important skills to solve the really tough challenges they will face now and as they get older – things like climate change and social inequality. The Creative Power workshop curriculum blends approaches from design thinking, systems thinking, and growth mindset, and is meant to be conducted in an interactive 45-60 minute workshop for students aged 8-11.  


  1. Spread the word! This is a grassroots effort and we rely on people like you to spread the message about Creative Power, and how your local schools and network can participate on Creative Power Day.

  2. Save the Date: You will be conducting your Creative Power Day workshop in a local public school during school hours (~8am-3pm) on Creative Power Day. Your exact time and location will be confirmed the month before. The workshop is designed to take about one hour, and you should plan to arrive 20 minutes before the workshop to check in with the school's administrative office and locate the classroom.

  3. Practice and Prepare: Please review and internalize the materials on this site, and also call-in for one of the preparation/training conference calls.

  4. Document: We ask that you take a few photos during your Creative Power Day workshop, and also fill out the short survey we will send via email afterwards.

[We have removed the sign-up form until we have a firm plan for the next Creative Power Day.]