Facilitators should use the content, activities, and time allotments outlined below as a guide for leading their Creative Power workshop. 

In our one-hour workshop, we are trying to strengthen three main skills:

  • Seeing connections between disparate concepts 
  • Developing an openness to new ideas 
  • Building resilience through experimentation

Each of the 3 activities help to do this, but the way you frame the beginning of the workshop and conduct the brief discussion at the end will be the best reinforcement of these important concepts.


5 minutes

  • Introduce yourself. Your first name, you live in the community, and you are here because you are a [parent, designer, activist, etc] and you believe in the idea that helping kids [like you!] learn to use their Creative Power will make them better at everything they try, from school work and sports, to becoming leaders in business, or government, or the arts, or in anything they want to be.
  • What is Creative Power? Creative Power is about developing opening your mind to hearing new ideas, and getting better at coming up with new ideas. Creativity is not just for the best artist or the smartest person. Everyone has has creativity inside them, we just try to build those creative muscles in ourselves and our communities so that we can solve big, tough challenges that we all face in our world.

  • Today is Creative Power Day! In countries around the world, hundred of students just like you are participating in their classrooms in Creative Power Day. You are going to be the next generation of leaders in the government and in businesses. You might create the next really cool startup that makes a cure for cancer, or build a new technology that stops the earth from getting warmer, or design a new kind of house that ends homelessness. All of you have the Creative Power to make the world a better place! 
  • What we're going to do today. Today, we're going to do 3 activities to start building your Creative Power muscles.

  • Thank you. Thank the teacher and school for the invitation to do this workshop, and thank the students for spending the next hour working with you and each other on building their Creative Power muscles.

ACTIVITY 1: Shift Perspective

5 minutes
Main Idea: If you look at something (a problem, a person, a situation) from a different angle, the result can be quite unexpected. Changing perspective makes things look different and helps us imagine and understand other people's viewpoints better. This exercise is about developing empathy.

Detailed instructions here


5 minutes
Main Idea: Changing our habits can be uncomfortable or awkward but that's usually a sign of growth and learning. The initial little bit of discomfort you feel goes away quickly. This exercise is about becoming open to new ideas.

Detailed instructions here

ACTIVITY 3: zigzag

15 minutes
Main Idea: If we can loosen some of the ideas about how we think we should act and behave, creativity and connection with others happens naturally.

Detailed instructions here


10 minutes
How did it make you feel?
Why do you think that we did these activities?
What do you think creativity is?
Why do you think it's important?


5 minutes
Distribute comment sheets
Reinforce main points


5 minutes
Collect comment sheets
Thank everyone
Give out the Creative Power Day buttons